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  “What’s the DC-3 Catalog Project?”  

In1986 Kengo knew that the number of the DC-3s has been rapidly decreasing. For the next generation he determined that he should make a record of all surviving DC-3s in the world at that time. He determined that it was his role that left the record of DC-3 for the next age at that time.


  “Who is KENGO YAMAMOTO?”  

Kengo is a Japanese photographer specializing in the DC-3. His purpose is to make a record of all 1,250 DC-3 airplanes remaining in the world.

He already took 1,000 kinds of the DC-3 since 1989. He is the author of “DOUGLAS DC-3 The Survivors” published by Airlife Publishing, Ltd. in 2000.


  “What’s DC-3 PUBLISHING?”  

It is a publishing company specializing in the DC-3 that Kengo established in 2010. He calls that “DC3PUB”.


  “What is the New Book of DC-3 like?”  

Kengo selected over 160 best shots from his photo library. It included many military and unknown DC-3s. This new book is scheduled to be sold on the internet from July 15th in 2010. It is in soft cover A4 size and 128 pages with full color.

He still has to take photos of the 250 DC-3s left in the world in about seventy countries. If you buy this new book, you will be able to get “The Catalog of 1250 DC-3s in the world” near future.


A New book of the DC-3 as a 75th Anniversary Celebration in 2010




  • US$26.95(plus delivery charge)
  • Soft cover A4 size and 128 pages, 161 photos with full color.
  • You can see more information on the"New Books".
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Proprietor KengoYamamoto
Photo Library 1,000 kinds of the DC-3 and 200,000 photos since 1989, taken by Kengo
ISBN 987-4-9905316
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DOUGLAS DC-3 The Survivors by Kengo Yamamoto
from Airlife Publishing Ltd, UK

It is the first book of Kengo Yamamoto in 2000.

Soft cover A4 size and 128 pages, over 100 photos with full color.




Note: The history information of DC-3s on this site is based on the Douglas DC-3 and its predecessors by Air-Britain. This book is the gretest book as DC-3 dictionary.